The curriculum at Pink Roses Academy is holistic and well-rounded, providing all pupils with the opportunity to learn in a stimulating environment. We follow the 8-4-4 education system.  Our curriculum prepares our pupils holistically in the moral, intellectual, spiritual, physical and social domains.  Central to the curriculum is the strong emphasis on values, with special focus on the five school values of Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Excellence

We focus on individual pupil by seeking to understand the challenges facing each pupil. We strive to challenge pupils to discover learning by themselves by using stimulating teaching tools. Our aim is to lay a strong foundation which our pupils can build on in order to excel in their academic pursuits.

We reward academic excellence as a way of creating a high performing culture. Our strong belief in God has impacted us spiritually and helped shape our pupil’s character. The school develops skillful teachers who have a repertoire of strategies and the ability to choose the appropriate strategies to cater to the learning needs of our pupils.