To be the school of choice in the provision of academic excellence.


Dedicated to molding an emotionally intelligent individual who is able to face the academic challenge of today and tomorrow.

OUR Core Values

Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity,  Respect and Excellence

About Pink Roses Academy

The Pink Roses Academy was founded in 2001. The School upholds Christian values and offers 8-4-4 educational curriculum. We pride ourselves in offering quality, affordable all-rounded education.
We are a mixed Day and Boarding Primary School located in Kiambu County, along Kiambu-Ngewa (KwaMaiko) road, 25km from Nairobi. 


We have a team of qualified and dedicated members who are ready to assist our pupils excel in both academic and extra curriculum activities. 


Our boarding facility is well developed with cubicles, hot water shower and matrons to take care of our young pupils.

Fee Structure

We have a very competitive fee structure. Kindly visit the School or call for more details. 


We have an elaborate transport system for our day scholars 

The Curriculum

The curriculum at Pink Roses Academy is holistic and well-rounded, providing all pupils with the opportunity to learn in a stimulating environment. We follow the 8-4-4 and the CBC education systems. Our curriculum prepares our pupils holistically in the moral, intellectual, spiritual, physical and social domains. Central to the curriculum is the strong emphasis on values, with special focus on the five school values of Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Excellence
We focus on individual pupil by seeking to understand the challenges facing each pupil. We strive to challenge pupils to discover learning by themselves by using stimulating teaching tools. Our aim is to lay a strong foundation which our pupils can build on in order to excel in their academic pursuits.
We reward academic excellence as a way of creating a high performing culture. Our strong belief in God has impacted us spiritually and helped shape our pupil’s character. The school develops skillful teachers who have a repertoire of strategies and the ability to choose the appropriate strategies to cater to the learning needs of our pupils.


We make learning a fun activity. We appreciate that pupils also need to be given an opportunity to develop talents. There are various clubs ranging from music, drama, wildlife, Christian union and scouts to interest our pupils. We have debating club which has helped pupils build their self confidence. Every Wednesday is club day. We have sports that include soccer, netball, tennis and chess.

Often, we organize school trips for leisure and academic purposes. We have modern fleet of school buses to transport our pupils to various places of interest. We have partnered with the local church to provide cartecism classes for our pupils. We also offer career guidance and often invite mentors to guide our pupils in making career choices.

Director’s MESSAGE

At The Pink Roses Academy, we value each and every child and seek to provide a happy and conducive environment for our pupils to learn and grow. We believe that everyone can flourish, develop their talents/skills and become contributing citizens. Our focus on the holistic development of pupils is encapsulated in the school mission “Dedicated to molding an emotionally intelligent individual who is able to face the academic challenges of today and tomorrow” as well as the school core values of CRIRE, namely, Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. Our Vision is to be the school of choice in the provision of academic excellence.

The school started in 2001 with less than 50 pupils and has grown to a four stream institution that is home to more than 600 pupils. We are a private mixed day and boarding primary school that is founded on strong Christian values and principles. The school has made commendable achievements over the years. In the area of academic outcomes, we have grown to be a high performing primary school in Kiambu County and the larger Nairobi area. We thank God for his blessings.

We are proud of our team of committed teachers who ensure that no child is left behind and pupil needs are looked into. As a fraternity, we are committed to develop “A Flourishing School with Happy and Confident Learners” through the integration of Positive Education and building pupils’ sense of meaning and purpose through positive emotions and engagement. We have invested in modern teaching aids and made use of IT in delivering our lessons.

Over the years, we have consistently performed well in KCPE examination. Our pupils have qualified for secondary school placement in National and County schools and gone on to graduate from the universities. In the Co-Curricular arena, our pupils have excelled in sports and dance competitions. We have an active scouts troupe. These achievements would not have been possible without the strong support, commitment and dedication of our teachers and parents. Moving forward, we wish to thank all parents and stakeholders for your belief in the school and your support. We will continue to engage our stakeholders and the community to make Pink Roses Academy a choice school in the vicinity.

On behalf of the entire Pink Roses fraternity, I wish to welcome you to The Pink Roses Academy School.

Caroline Nderitu

Head Teacher’s Message

At Pink Roses Academy, we believe in excellence as enclosed in our school motto and that everyone can flourish.

Our focus on the holistic development of student is summed up in the school Vision ” To be the school of choice in the provision of academic excellence” and our clarion call which is ” Called to excel”.

In pursuit to our school Vision, Clarion Call and School core values healthy and quality teacher Pupil relationship not forgetting our non-teaching staff is enhanced. In return a nurturing and safe environment is realised.

We are proud of our loving, committed and self-driven team (Teacher cum non-teaching staff) who ensure that the child’s safety and needs are addressed.

As a fraternity, we are committed to develop a “Flourishing school with happy and competent learners.

We pride ourselves for the commendable achievements over the years and more hopeful as we forge a head.

Much thanks to our dear parents and stakeholders for the belief and continued support in the school.

We wish to make Pink Roses a school of choice countrywide.

Arnold Wafula

Head Teacher

Students’ Testimonials
Ted Murogo
The Pink Rose Academy

L’éducation est le plus grand heritage qu’un parent peut laisser à son enfant.

Michelle Kendi
Mitchel Kendi
The Pink Rose Academy

Un homme poli est celui qui a reçu une bonne éducation.

Vivian Kariuki
The Pink Rose Academy

Don’t limit yourself. It always seems impossible until it is done.

Vivian Wangare
Vivian Wangari
The Pink Rose Academy

Work hard in silence let success make noise.

Chris Gathata
Chris Gathata
The Pink Rose Academy

Success is the best revenge.

Leah Kaigwa
Leah Kaigua
The Pink Rose Academy

Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul.

Clinton Mwaura
Clinton Mwaura
The Pink Rose Academy

Your time is limited so dont waste it living someone else’s life.

Alicia Njeri
The Pink Rose Academy

Your time is limited so dont waste it living someone else’s life.

Maurice Gichira
Maurice Gichira
The Pink Rose Academy

Every test in our life makes bitter or better, every comes to break us or make us.

Austine Nixon
Austin Nixon
The Pink Rose Academy

Hold on to your dream, cherish it, nurture it, love it.

Githunguri, Kiambu, Kenya.
Phone: +254 708-342-296